Non-Ferrous: 1352 W. Beaver St.
Jacksonville, FL 32209

Ferrous: 1375 W. Church St.
Jacksonville, FL 32209

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We Buy Non-Ferrous and Ferrous Scrap

Prohibited Materials

Non-Ferrous Scrap

1352 W. Beaver St.
We buy non-ferrous scrap (metal that does not stick to a magnet), such as aluminum, copper, and brass.

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Ferrous Scrap

1375 W. Church St.
We buy ferrous scrap (metal that sticks to a magnet), such as iron, steel, and autos.

How do I Sell My Scrap?

First time selling your scrap metal? Don’t worry, it’s easy! See the step-by-step instructions below.


Ferrous Scrap Process

step one

Enter via Church St.

step two nonferrous recycling

Drive on the inbound scale.  Once we give you the greenlight, drive off and our inspector will direct you to the unloading area.

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After the material has been inspected and unloaded, you will receive an inspection ticket.  Drive back out on the outbound scale.  Once we give you the greenlight, drive off to the parking area to the right.

nonferrous metal truck loads

Park and walk to the cashier window to turn in your inspection ticket, along with your ID.  We will then complete the transaction and hand you your ID and payment.

Non-Ferrous Scrap Process

step one

Enter at 1352 W. Beaver St., Jacksonville, FL 32209, then turn right following the yellow arrows.

step two nonferrous recycling

Cans and small amounts drive-through and take LEFT.

Lane A:  Cans. Lane B:  Non-Ferrous.

Large amounts or truckloads drive forward to hoppers on the RIGHT.

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Small amounts drive-through.

A: Cans on Left

B:  Non-Ferrous on Right

nonferrous metal truck loads

Back-up your vehicle to one of the yellow hoppers and unload material inside.  

Once your material is unloaded, park at the customer parking and take your ID to the scale house.  The scale operator will hand you your material ticket.  Take this ticket to the cashier window to get paid.

Why Choose TMR?

Trademark Metals Recycling, formerly Main Metals Recycling, has served the Jacksonville area scrap recycling customers since 1960, spanning 14 acres to accommodate all of your metal recycling needs.

Friendly, quick service with drive-through lanes

Honest and fair treatment with state certified scales

Clean safe facility that’s swept and cleaned daily to help our customers avoid tire damage

Fair competitive pricing and a knowledgeable staff that can help identify and price any items you bring in

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Comprehensive industrial services for manufacturers, contractors, electricians, plumbers, and more